The man never took communion at church. Why didn't this man ever take communion? Everybody knew that the only reason could be . . . Well, it was said that some people wouldn't take it if they had led a sinful life. You see, if he had led a sinful life he would not -- should not feel worthy of communion. Not worthy of the sharing of the wine from the golden goblet. Passing from one person to the next. One Christian to the next. All of us sharing the blood of Our Savior, Jesus Christ. But not this man! This man would bow his head and pass the goblet on. This sinful man. People said, "He probably killed someone." One man said, "I think he stole my car." "No," one woman said, "that fine, no ring wearing, Gucci carrying, with a Phi Beta Kappa car key chain, clear speaking, plastic packin', full-time job havin' with time for hobbies, his family, his church, and small children, that man has got to be a homosexual! An abomination, dear God! The son of the sin of sodomy is in our midst, my Jesus," she prayed and she preached. "He has forsaken us, your people, my God. We who were once blind can now see, my Lord, and we want to thank you this morning! And with you by our side we can see now the kindness shown by this man, this stranger, was the kindness of the devil! We were no doubt poisoned by his good wishes, his kind deeds, his money. All poison! We pray in your name, dear Jesus, to forgive us for harboring this sexual deviant in Your house. He must be cast out!" They pointed to the man and said, "Have you anything to say to my Lord to save your hell bound soul?" But the man was proud and shocked, and scared and said nothing. And they took his now "clammy looking skin," "cracked lips" from his dry mouth, red eyes, and his silence to mean that "he must have the AIDS, too." They thanked him for not drinking from the communion goblet and they closed the doors of the church behind him. This man that had been condemned as a murderer and a thief and proclaimed a close relative to the devil himself was now lost once again. For A.A. had not worked for him. Only the communion of the church helped him pull his life back together after years of drinking not so sacred wine. It was none of their business that sip of sacrament wine would send him slipping and sliding right back to his own secret suicide. And he drank and prayed and sang that day trying to remember the 12 steps and 10 commandments, while holding on . . . to his bottle of not so sacred wine on this, the most sacred Communion Day.

Byron S. Stewart
copyright 2001 

All rights are reserved. This piece is protected under U.S. copyright law.

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