Intro To Men 101

A fathers' love?

What's that about?!

You see, I had a weekend father. He and my mother divorced when I was six months. All of my memories of him involved him picking me up on Saturday, taking me to Toys 'R' Us and buying ME. But don't get me wrong; I'm not bitter, hurt, or in need of much therapy... just wondering. You see men have always been somewhat of a mystery to me; or at least in the beginning. How did they think? What did they think about? How did they love? How did they make love? And what was this shaving thing, and would I ever need to do it? There was tying ties, and pumping gas that I still haven't mastered. But I could beat you at a game of monopoly like THAT!

It's weird, being a certain sex and not knowing anything about that sex. Striving to be that Strong Black Man MaMa wanted me to be, but lacking the basics to get there.

What's that about?

Byron S. Stewart
copyright 1994  

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