Lynell Stephanie ;LongLynnell Stephani Long (Ensemble) is an Intersex Activist & Educator, Columnist for Windy City Media Groups (BLACKlines magazine), Poet, International Performance Artist, Freelance Photographer, and Graphic Artist. She has performed with A Real Read for many local, regional and national tours including presentations at NYU, Milwaukee WI, Charlotte NC, the Black Ensemble Theatre, and Randolph Street Gallery in Chicago, Illinois. A video presentation of her prose "My body is my body," and "Momma and them call me James," has been show at international film festivals around the world.

Lynnell is a member and volunteer of the Intersex Society of North America. Her Intersex activism has lead her to Atlanta, San Francisco, San Diego, DC., New York, Michigan, Wisconsin, downstate Illinois, as well as Chicago, speaking on her life as an African-American Intersex woman, and educating people on Intersex issues including Intersex Genitalia Mutilation. Her commentary on Intersex and Trans issues has appeared in various publications including Transgendered Tapestry.

Currently Lynnell is working on her book of poetry and essays entitled "If I die before I wake."

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