Welcome to our Reading Room!

Our talented ensemble has written a variety of pieces. Now, we proudly present a sample of them here for your enjoyment.

They are arranged by author so you can select specifc pieces or just start at the top and use the navigation buttons at the end of each piece to navigate your way through every one.

We anticipate adding new offerings by members of our ensemble to the Reading Room, so please check back soon.

Derrick Anthony
* Do you run on empty??

Sanford E. Gaylord
* Twin

Lynnell Stephani Long
* Momma & them call me James

Christopher McMorris
* Between Love Honor & Respect

Byron S. Stewart
* Communion
The Best Man
Intro To Men 101
What He Told Me

Please note: All rights are reserved for each piece and all are protected under U.S. copyright law.

Last updated 9/2/01