The written drums beat
The silent horn blows.
A dancer in the distance does a pirouette.
A model strikes a pose.
The pages all enfold and
centered in the middle is the birth of
Through Life and Experience

Shannon Sudduth, a native of Evanston, Illinois, is a performance artist, writer, and model. She has studied theatre at Oakton Community College, as well as Southern University in Baton Rouge, LA. Shannon has studied dance with Joel Hall of the Joel Hall Dance Center; Gus Giordano Dance Studio, and Muntu Dance Theatre of Chicago. As a model she has worked with Family Focus Community Fashions Shows and Just Us Productions. Shannon is an active member of A Real Read and has toured with the company both locally and nationally. Her film credits include: Trains Act, Northwestern University Studio 22; Oak Street Beach, 20/20 Productions; and Negotiator, Negotiator Productions. She was recently featured on the album From Africa To America: From America To Africa, performing Southern Voyage, an original work. Shannon also teaches theatre to grade school students.