The Best Men

What I don't understand is THIS...

Why is it that every time I meet a man he ends up falling for my best friend?

And sometimes not even my best friend, just any old friend. I mean, try to do

something nice, and introduce people that I think will get along together.

But then they end up getting along ---TOO WELL!---

So I think maybe I'm not supposed to have a relationship.

The reason I have been put on earth is to go out and meet, sort through, and deliver the Best Men to my friends. It wouldn't be so bad, but they come back, and tell me just how GOOD the man is; I introduced them to. Talk'n 'bout...

"Yeah he is Fine!"

"We did this... He took me here, and there...", and

"When you goin' to get you a MAN?"

When you goin' to stop takin' them BITCH?!

Byron S. Stewart
copyright 1994 

All rights are reserved. This piece is protected under U.S. copyright law.

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