From beneath the bowels of our deepest fears
Haunted by the pain, pleasures
Sorrows and successes -We Rise.

Through the damnation,
Degradation and dehumanization.
The racism and homophobia
Both internal and external. -WE RISE

Haunted by the loss of our brotha's and sista's
Whose torches shine in our minds
While we stand
On the frontlines. WE RISE.

Our journey has revealed many life lessons
Leading us out of darkness as we walk towards the light.
We have come to learn that the greatest tool
Of the oppressor
Is the mind of the oppressed.

We Rise and stand tall
We are Warriors
Weathering the odds and
Illuminating what could be a bumpy road for our youth
Our vision for the future.

And STILL-WE Rise. 

Sanford E. Gaylord
Copyright 2001 

All rights are reserved. This piece is protected under U.S. copyright law.

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